Julie Zuckerberg Career as Lead Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is an upstanding professional serving as Executive talent acquisition lead at Deutsche Bank in the Greater New York City Area. She is also highly adept at talent management, team leadership, human resources, interviewing, employee training and succession planning. According to her LinkedIn account, Julie started working at Berlin German based bank in 2014. Deutsche bank was established in 1870 and stands out as one of the largest financial institutions in the world with operations in over 70 countries. Her position entails leading the negotiation of MD level talent offers targeting global technology, asset management and wealth and commercial clients.

Her other areas of focus at Deutsche Bank include:

  • Developing bespoke recruitment strategies
  • Counseling leadership and executive committees
  • Providing strategic direction and coaching of recruitment units
  • Driving global and regional TA objectives for internal mobility, diversity initiatives and cross divisional talent brokering


Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Julie served as an experienced Hire Recruit Lead at New York Life Insurance Company (NYL); VP and Executive Recruiter at Citi and Director of Candidate placement at Hudson in New York. Julie Zuckerberg served at New York Life Insurance for a period of 4 months. Her position at NYL entailed developing client relationship, managing the recruitment process and providing full life-cycle talent strategy planning and recruiting services. Julie joined Citi in October 2007 and served until November 2013.


During her tenure at the company as VP and Executive recruiter, she was responsible for managing retained search firms, providing advisory opinions on recruitment strategies and international talent search. Julie spent her initial years at Citi, serving as Citi Global Functions unit, Executive Recruiter. She was tasked with counseling hiring managers, sourcing best hires using different recruitment techniques and facilitating, managing director slate process through promoted and managed internal mobility. Julie served at Hudson for a period of 5 years from November 2002 to October 2007.


The company specializes in providing professional recruitment, talent management and contract professional services around the world. Her brief as Director of Candidate Placement saw her take charge of recruiting attorneys, case managers and permanent and temporary staff on behalf of various law firms. She also oversaw compliance with legal requirements, employee counseling, conflict resolution and coaching. Julie credits her vast financial insight and experience in staff recruitment for giving her the competitive edge to perform repeat candidate recruitment in line with best global hiring practices, compensation trends and market competition.


Being a resident of Manhattan for many years, Julie studied Philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. The college offers a host of undergraduate and graduate degrees with concentration in liberal arts and sciences. She also attended the New York Law School for her law studies. Julie’s hobbies according to Blitzkrieggames.com include jogging, photography, technology and the arts. She also cares a lot about food, animal welfare, science and human rights. She maintains an active presence in the social media where she regularly communicates with friends and acquaintances on sites like Linked, Twitter and Facebook.


Copa Star Hospital – Technology Meets Experience And Professionalism To Provide Quality Care To Patients

The hospitals should maintain high standards in the kind of facilities and care it provides. The hospitals must continue to update the services offered to ensure patients receive quality care and experience faster recovery. Copa Star, one of the most advanced as well as luxurious hospitals, situated in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, boasts of the latest technology in the healthcare sector and has professional staff members that ensure quality and compassionate care for its patients.

The facility provides its services at an affordable price, and since it is one of the newest hospitals, it is designed futuristically and has the scope of updating it with new technologies and medical equipment as and when available. One of the most talked about feature of Copa Star is its architecture and design, both interior and exterior. It is crafted to perfection and is designed keeping in mind the innovation, luxury, technology, and patients in mind. The design is not only luxurious per se, but also soothing for the patients.

There is a huge line-up of some of the best doctors in the country at Copa Star. Physicians from different fields and specialties, such as neurosurgeons, gynecologists, oncologists, laparoscopic surgeons, orthopedic, pediatrician, gastroenterologists, radiologists, and more are available at Copa Star for consultation. The highly advanced infrastructure of Copa Star and the advanced technology available at the hospital helps the physicians to provide world class treatment and medical services to the patients. It ensures faster recovery, painless treatment and performs clinical procedures that are minimally invasive.

One of the most famous and highly renowned features of Copa Star is its hybrid rooms. Hybrid Rooms at Copa Star are designed to be future proof and are equipped with advanced medical technology, equipment, and tools. It helps in complex surgeries to find out results quickly, take tests in minimum time, and perform operations with unmatched accuracy. It vastly increases the chances of success even in the most complex operations. Copa Star is among the very few hospitals in the country to have hybrid rooms. The technology and infrastructure at the hospital are on par with the best in the world. It is continually updated to ensure the best and the latest to the patients coming to Copa Star with the hope of good services and faster recovery.

Technology is integrated in a very close knitted manner throughout the organization, starting from administrative level to the operational level, and beyond. It helps the hospital to provide quick and efficient services to the patients and their loved ones, whether it is billing and appointment, helping with getting insurance cleared, database management, post-surgery care, and more. Copa Star takes cleanliness and hygiene very seriously and does an internal audit for the same to ensure the facility is clean and well-maintained always.

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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is an Awesome Place

One of the most famous entrepreneurs of Brazil is Roberto Santiago. He amazed everyone by introducing a new concept of shopping malls. He built Manaira Shopping in Joao Pessoa which has become very popular among both residents and tourists. Roberto Santiago is a native of Joao Pessoa where he was born on July 16, 1958. He attended the Pio X-Marist College for his early education. Later, he went to study business administration at University Center for Joao Pessoa. Today, he has a reputation for being a brilliant entrepreneur who built an amazing shopping mall in the heart of the city. Decades ago, Roberto Santiago began his professional career by joining Café Santa Rosa. The company is famous for using innovative techniques for manufacturing decoration and utilization products. Santiago learned to run a successful business and make money by working in various companies. He loves sports, and he won many trophies in motocross and kart championships.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is considered the biggest shopping mall in the city of Joao Pessoa. The mall is popular with various features including its very friendly atmosphere. It offers everything for different types of people which include comfort, fun, and leisure. Joao Pessoa is a city that is popular around the world for rich cuisines, beautiful beaches, and amazing sunset. Roberto Santiago thought constructing a unique shopping mall would make his native city even more famous. Whenever people visit this place, they find both fun and entertainment here. It is a wonderful place for families to visit. They can enjoy various activities here that include movie theaters, ballroom, electronic amusement park, and bowling alleys. A great attraction at Manaira Shopping Mall is its cinema that has more than ten rooms. Each room is equipped with advanced equipment. The rooms of the cinema are divided into two categories: VIP rooms and 3D rooms. Santiago built the seating arrangement of the cinema on the pattern of a stadium. There is a bar nearby from where people can buy gourmet popcorn, candy, and drinks. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

Roberto Santiago gave the name of “Game Station” to the electronic amusement park of Manaira Shopping Mall. The area of the park is eighteen hundred square meters, and it has two-hundred gaming machines. A very popular section of the shopping mall is “Gourmet Space.” One can enjoy different types of cuisines here including steakhouse and hamburger. That’s not all; for food lovers, there is food court which offers a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines. The biggest concert hall of the city is also located in Manaira Shopping Mall, and it is called “The Domus Hall.” It is known for its fully air-conditioned amazing structure. The newest acoustic equipment is installed in this hall where thousands of people can easily fit in. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Lawyers and Law in Brazil Home of Lawyers

Brazil has at one time been ranked as the third country with the highest number of lawyers in the world. This number of lawyers that exceeds 1 million professionals goes to show just how much Brazil is entrenched in the law business.This large number has been attributed to the large number of law schools that have made it possible for the students who seek to learn, to get access to this career path.

The statistics that have been gathered try to explain how much law and lawyers are valued show a lot about the country and its vast number of lawyers. The Numbers Don’t LieAccording to the National Council of Justice, there are 1240 law courses that are available in Brazilian Law schools. This makes it possible to study virtually every aspect of law there is to study. An approximate of 800,000 lawyers has been able to make it through the Brazilian Bar Examinations.

It is known that if all of them were to succeed in these exams, there would be more than 3 million lawyers in Brazil. As is evidenced by the statistics, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.Getting Quality. The government in Brazil knows about this problem with there being too many lawyers and the quality being too poor for comfort. That is why they are culling some of those courses to make room for the better courses that would mean better lawyer standards and qualities.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the big shots in the lawyer business in Brazil, and he has been representing corporations, Multinational companies, politicians, governments and has done some pro bono work. He holds a degree from the Universidade Presbisteriana Mackenzie and an Extension in Business Management. He is true entrepreneur having started in a small room that can barely be called an office and rising steadily with minimal help from anyone. He built a reputation for himself doing cases that went through with good outcomes. He has been then one training most of law associates that work with him at Leite Office, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. Suffice to say that he is a man who has seen court battles and is experienced as one of the biggest lawyers in Brazil.

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The Golden-hair Care Rules

Women prefer flawless well groomed, non-frizzy hair. Like the vibrant, bouncy hair from YouTube, TV or magazine commercials. Our lives sometimes get too busy to provide enough care and attention to our hair.

Washing Hair

There are simple do’s and don’ts for manageable, healthier, happier hair days. The first step is to Wash your hair three times a week, to preserve the hair’s natural oils for natural conditioning. Experts concur that washing of hair every day is simply not healthy. This applies to colored hair as well, to preserve its sheen. Invest in a good shampoo preferably from Wen by Chaz hair care products to refresh hair at the roots, reduce the oil buildup and produce amazing texture. Give your head a stimulating massage to encourage blood circulation and to detoxify the scalp.

Water Temperature

Avoid using hot water as it will out the hair, and form tangles that may perhaps result in hair breakage. Use warm water instead; cool off in the shower, then towel-dry the hair before applying a preferred conditioner. Deep conditioning adds moisture and strengthens hair. You can also use leave-in treatment or hair masks, for colored hair. Avoiding excessive sun helps to hydrate hair.

Brushes and Styling Hair

Brush your hair twice a day, from the bottom, up. For perfectly shiny, untangled hair, brush your hair twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed for a minute each time. Remember, comb wet hair, and don’t brush it to avoid hair breakage. Keep your Hair brushes clean. Clean them with a combination of baking soda and lukewarm water. A toothbrush will help to capture all the little dirt ridden bristles.

Use low heat for hair drying and point the dryer nozzle downwards. Cut back on heat-styling tools. Applying WEN by Chaz texturizing spray will help prevent hair damage. Use protective treatments to avoid hair damage when blow drying your hair.

WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean’s passion for hair began when he attended commercial photography courses. His interest in hair quickly blossomed into a career specializing in hair cutting and hair coloring. Chaz developed WEN Cleansing Conditioners as his passion for hair products grew. Chaz helps his clients achieve the hair of their dreams using his WEN by Chaz hair products. Chaz sells Wen products online, on the Wen.com website and on Sephora beauty.

Follow Wen: https://twitter.com/wenbychazdean