Eric Lefkofsky Keeps on Giving

Eric Lefkofsky lives a life that is driven by his passion to build innovative businesses and his desire to give back to others. Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 in Detroit Michigan. He is married to Elizabeth Lefkofsky, and he graduated from the University of Michigan Law school in 1993. Besides being in extremely generous entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has innovated companies that have soared in their markets.

Tempus is a company that deals with brilliant healthcare technology. This technology enables physicians to give their patient’s state of the art cancer treatments. Since each individual has a body that is unique, it stands to reason that their cancer treatment should be just as remarkable. Tempus provides genetic services that analyze human cells on a molecular level. The data that is obtained from these test allow physicians to make decisions about their patient’s cancer treatment. This is an innovative way to help patients get targeted treatment for their specific cancer; in that way, they better care.

Groupon is a very well-known internet sales company that was spearheaded by Eric Lefkofsky. Groupon is known as the worldwide leader of online commerce. Groupon allows individuals to buy just about anything they would like through their website. Groupon has built several relationships with retailers and businesses all around the world, and they leverage those relationships in order to give their clients the best deals on services, products, and travel. Groupon also gives their customers occasional rebates on their already low prices as well and learn more about Eric.

Apart from starting multiple world changing companies, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth started The Lefkofsky Foundation. This is a foundation that gives to a large array of charities around the world. Their Foundation has a focus on the arts and education. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have donated millions of dollars through their charity, and they continue with their giving endeavours. Eric Lefkofsky is in a class of his own when it comes to innovation and philanthropy and more information click here.

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The Best Care For Your Hair

Let’s face it, hair tends to take a brutal beating with all of the heat tools and styling products we use. This almost always leaves our hair feeling dry, brittle, and lacking shine. Cleansing conditioners is a must have for all hair routines if nourishing hair is what you wish to obtain.

WEN by Chaz is a great cleansing conditioner that helps to restore healthy qualities back into damaged hair. Using shampoo every single day can strip all of the crucial natural oils from hair leaving it feeling extra dry. Most shampoos also contain extremely harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens that can be bad for your hair. By replacing a couple of shampoo sessions with a cleansing conditioner, like WEN by Chaz, it allows hair to be gently cleansed without completely eliminating the natural oils your hair needs to maintain its strength and shine.Although it doesn’t lather, don’t be fooled. It will still remove all the dirt and build-up from your hair.

Cleansing conditioners like WEN by Chaz benefit all different hair types whether it be thin, curly, or stringy hair. It is an especially great option for those with curly, thick, or coarse hair that tend to benefit from leaving natural oils in the hair. Although cleansing conditioners are thick in consistency like a deep conditioner and don’t lather like regular shampoos, it doesn’t leave hair feeling weighed down. Instead, it leaves your hair feeling light and moisturized. Cleansing conditioners are also a great replacement for leave-in conditioners and deep conditions for hair hydration. WEN by Chaz is also sulfate-free making it safe and gentle on your hair.

On top of being a fantastic cleansing conditioner, WEN by Chaz leaves hair smelling phenomenal with its aromatic scent. WEN by Chaz also helps to eliminate frizz with it’s smoothing qualities.If you were to choose a cleansing conditioner, it should be WEN by Chaz because it provides quality care for your hair.

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George Soros and the Tireless March for Progressive Values

The political landscape within the United States has been changing dramatically over the past couple of years. Nowadays there is a larger divide between right and left than ever before, exacerbated by the controversial election of now President Trump. President Trump’s 2016 election campaign was so divisive, in fact, that it even pulled billionaire progressive George Soros back into the fold. Soros is probably most well known for his work alongside Al Gore during the 2004 Presidential Election run against George W. Bush. Soros had ultimately decided to scale back his funding after that election campaign — until now. Now, Soros sees President Trump as a personal threat to the very tenants of democracy and progressive values.

George Soros leaped right into the election fray last year when he decided to get in and start supporting Hillary Clinton alongside a plethora of other democratic candidates. Soros would end up spending close to $25 million over the campaign season in order to push progressive values down the ballot. Ultimately Trump would end up ‘winning’ the Presidency despite losing the popular vote. Unlike his experience with Al Gore, George Soros has decided instead to double down and work tirelessly to ensure that progressive values and democratic ideals stay strong in America. Read more on

We can look back for years throughout the United States political landscape to see that George Soros has kept his hands ever so slightly in on things that matter to him. Soros personally has helped to fund networks of grassroots campaigns throughout the country thanks to his work with the Open Society Foundations. One such instance of this is when Soros helped to fund the Ferguson protests in order to shed some light on police brutality toward minority individuals. Michael Brown’s death, at the hands of Officer Wilson, was a divisive moment in our history as a nation. Without Soros’ help funding the grassroots activism, we likely never would have found out that the Ferguson police department had a routine practice of discriminating against certain races.

Kenneth Zimmerman, the director of the Open Society Foundations, said that “Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society.” Zimmerman’s words could not be truer if they came out of George Soros mouth himself. Soros and his work establishing these grassroots campaigns might just be the difference maker in elections and midterms in the coming years.

George Soros has a tried and true history of paying attention to those in needs. George Soros has personally invested millions in charities and philanthropic endeavors around the world. His tireless work toward progressive ideals and social justice has been plenty matched by his financial contributions. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

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Mr. Anthony Petrello – A Recognized Executive and Respected Philanthropist

Mr. Anthony Petrello is one of the influential and recognized men in the industry of oil and gas. He is currently working as the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Limited. Nabors is one of the giant companies in the gas and oil industry. The types of the services that are offered by Nabors include directional drilling services, innovative technologies, high-performance tools, and offshore drilling rigs. Nabors is also listed on the Stock Exchange of New York as an NBR. In that case, Nabors only employs high-skilled employees and Anthony on Facebook.

Before joining Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello was the managing partner of the same organization for five years. He was also an associate of the Administrative Committee and Board of Directors. He also took many roles, such as COO (Chief Operating Officer), Deputy Chairman, and Chairman of the BoD (Board of Directors) and learn more about Anthony.

Besides being an excellent CEO at Nabors Industries, Mr. Tony Petrello is also a respected philanthropist. Mr. Tony is admired for a lot of works he has done outside the office. Perhaps, Petrello is respected by the people of Houston for the philanthropic work he has done to the community. As a philanthropist, Mr. Tony is devoted to providing funds to the medical field. His devotion to medical issues was triggered by having a daughter who was diagnosed with PVL (periventricular leukomalacia). Since then, Anthony Petrello is involved in advocating for children who are in need of immediate healthcare attention. Besides, Anthony Petrello is involved in the study of neurological diseases, and he even donated more than $7 million to the Texas Children Hospital, which also acts as a center for neurological research and more information click here.

Regarding educational background, Mr. Anthony Petrello attended Harvard School of Law, from where he received his J.D Degree. He also attended Yale University and received a degree in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics. After completing his studies, Anthony Petrello started his career at Baker and McKenzie Law Firm as an international arbitration lawyer.



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The CEO Behind the Technology to Treat Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most harmful types of cancer that have already targeted hundreds of individuals in the U.S., mostly women, but men are not free from it. Because it is so typical, it is common sense that researchers would have much more extensive data on the disease than they actually have and read full article.

The main reason because there isn’t that much extensive information that detects patterns among current individuals with breast cancer and past ones is that scientists lack a functional system that is able to store this type of data.

However, recent news are going to change this reality forever as Eric Lefkofsky announced that his project, Tempus, is ready to be used in laboratories to assist in developing new therapies and methods to treat cancer based on past infected patients.

But, how do they do that?

First, we have to understand Tempus as a massive search engine, like Google but specialized in searching specific information about patients.

While treating a patient with breast cancer, now physicians could use Tempus to detect patterns in previous hosts that have similar characteristics and understand more about what to expect from the advancement of the disease and what therapies worked while what were the ones that didn’t.

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of many successful startups like Groupon and has dedicated his newest investments in developing the technology Tempus, which is based in Chicago.

The first and currently the only scientists that will use Tempus to treat breast cancer are the doctors of the University of Chicago. Eric made a partnership with the University and will be lending the software that will improve their efficiency while the University will produce the best professionals to treat the disease and learn more about Eric.

The positive results of the system might take a while to show up, but it will be a step forward in developing more intelligent ways to combat diseases in the future, said a doctor of Chicago University.

  1. OlufunmilayoOlopade, the professor of medicine and human genetics at the same university, stated that, although breast cancer is among the most common cases of cancer, the thousands of patients that have been diagnosed with the disease have information that is very hard to access and understand with a full picture without dedicated software to do so.

The CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, has done tons of advancements for the world of medicine, but this investment in the area is something new to the entrepreneur. He was a former owner of a venture fund named Lightbank and co-founder of Uptake Technologies.

Even if Lefkofsky does not have knowledge in the area of medicine, he has tons of experience in developing technologies that offer solutions and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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The Role Of Richard Blair in “Wealth Solutions”

Wealth Solutions offers it’s clients services that help them grow and manage assets. Richard Blair has proven to be a resourceful adviser and partner to his clients. He holds several qualifications and years of his experience to ensure the procurement of top tier services. Based in Austin, Texas, the Investment Advisory firm operates as a (RIA) firm that allows clients to pursue their financial goals through a carefully crafted plan. Blair’s objective it to equip the Austin community with wealth management services and retirement planning. The firm abides by a detailed three pillar approach. Once the client’s financial needs and situation are identified, a plan is tailored to fulfill their needs.


Pillar 1 is used in producing a financial road map for clients. It seeks to identify their growth opportunities and then utilizes them to lay out a great financial plan to maximize on the opportunities. Pillar 2 produces a long term strategy. It is tailored to liquidity needs and investment goals. Funds are reallocated and managed appropriately to maximize portfolio growth. This also serves in reducing the clients risk of losing money when the market hits a negative pattern. Pillar 3 helps clients meet insurance needs. Long term care, life insurance, and annuities are put into place.


Blair’s financial decisions are motivated by his family’s teaching background. His firm seeks to provide unbiased and objective advice so that there is never a conflict of interest in the recommendations he offers. Richard’s wealth of knowledge has and will continue to serve clients in improving their financial outlooks.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has always been drawn to the world of education. His mother, grandmother and wife all worked as teachers and he experience firmly how teaching can boost confidence and help others grow. Richard’s knowledge of finance and interest in teaching serve to help all his clients with financial planning and investments. Richard has been practicing in the financial industry for 23 years and founded his own firm “Wealth Solutions”.


Time and persistence has fine tuned Blair’s knowledge and know how of aiding financial prospects. By presenting strategies for retirement income planning, his number one goal is to aid clients in garnering the means to retire soundly. Richard continues to make a positive difference financially for clients who choose to utilize his expertise and wisdom.


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How To Hire An Online Reputation Management Company

Companies with a growth vision beyond their local boundaries know just how important online reputation management is on the success of their business. A good online reputation will see your sales increase significantly. This is because you have more authority and people can easily trust your products.

Therefore, if you want to gain a competitive edge over your customers, it is important that you pay attention to your online reputation. says this is more than merely advertising online and on social media platforms. If you want to build and maintain a good online reputation, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Hiring an ORM expert will save you time and energy. Also, with the experience they possess, they will ensure that you get the best results. By hiring a professional, you get the gate pass to compete internationally. If you haven’t hired an ORM company in the past, here are some tips to guide you in choosing a great professional.


Before you can contract the services of an ORM professional always ask if they have handled similar projects in the past. Ask for proof of experience and check whether they successfully completed the given projects. If so, you will be guaranteed, to some extent, that the company is able to deliver excellence.


When choosing an ORM company to work with, you need to check whether they serve your industry. You should be looking for a professional that understands your industry well and as such knows what to do in order to get you atop of your industry.

Google the Company

A good ORM Company will be ranked highly even on search engines. They should prove their expertise by having a good reputation themselves. When not appearing in paid ad pages, they should rank highly on search engines. Besides, a company cannot deliver if their strategies haven’t worked for them.

Bottom Line

Sometimes you can try to manage your online reputation, but you will never do it as perfectly as the experts. Also, in hiring this services, you tend to save a lot of time and money. Just be careful not to be conned by a scam.

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John Goullet Provides Technology Expertise to Diversant

The Internet has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. What people can do on the Internet today is far different than what people could do in prior decades. With the Internet currently, people can do tasks related to video and graphics that would literally stop the progress of the tasks in times before the implementation of recent technology and read full article.

With technology advances over the past 15 to 20 years, the infrastructure of the Internet has improved significantly. The Internet in its current state can handle high levels of use and speed requirements that were impossible to handle in prior years before recent technology advances. The Internet today has become a network that provides people with the capability to accomplish amazing things. The Internet today is used for much more than email and surfing basic websites. The Internet today is a complex resource that provides people with the ability to do almost anything they can do in the physical brick and mortar world.

With the improvements regarding the Internet, the websites that can be developed now are able to do things that were only dreams before the new level of technology embraced the Internet. An area of the Internet that has seen great changes based on the technology improvements concerning the Internet over the past 10 to 20 years is the job industry. Major changes have occurred in the job industry because the Internet and companies utilizing the Internet for job industry purposes are able to do things that have modernized the job industry.

A company in the job industry that has been able to benefit from the use of new technology is Diversant. The company is a staffing company that helps people looking for jobs and companies trying to fill jobs come together. Diversant is a staffing company that is ran by John Goullet. A well respected executive who was the founder of Info Technologies, John Goullet has made a name for himself in the business world.

John Goullet has made Diversant a leading staffing company in a highly competitive industry. Other staffing companies pattern the way that John Goullet structured Diversant. John Goullet has used his reservoir of technology knowledge to create a staffing company that is changing the way the job industry works.

More visit:

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Fabletics VIP Subscriptions Continue to Expand

Fabletics takes advantage of showrooming by placing any items you’re interested in into your shopping cart online. This is opposite from typical showrooming, which allows the customer to shop around your store and then purchase the item for less elsewhere. The popular athleisure brand continues to swallow up a large portion of the market share for gear that you can take from the gym to the street. Many reviews feel that the quality is far above their expectations. The quality of materials rivals Lululemon. The leggings are very thick so you don’t have to worry about transparency.


The materials used by Fabletics hold shape very well over time and don’t fade. The tops with the back cut out have a huge appeal. To ensure that you achieve the look you were aiming for, make sure that there is a built-in shelf bra. The styles are fun, bold, and just as valuable as more expensive brands. Some sizes and colors get sold out quite quickly, which may be the only disadvantage to the user experience. It’s possible that if you don’t get your size exactly right, you may need to exchange for a different size.


You’re not obligated to place an order and pay every month. You always have the option to skip the month and pay nothing. However, when you skip a month, you still retain your membership. You have to choose to skip the month between the 1st and the 5th.


Fabletics has found a great deal of success using the reverse showroom technique. Customers continue to feel that getting an entire workout outfit in two or three pieces for only $25 is a great deal. You always get a deep discount on your first purchase.


The reason why you want a VIP membership is because the outfits will run you roughly $100 without the discount. Plus, with the VIP membership, you’ll never pay for shipping. If you decide you want to cancel your membership, be prepared to receive offers to convince you to stay. Everyone seems to be a big fan of the cutout tees and the intricately designed tops.




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The Life and Career of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the Vice President and the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is also a finance and administrative operations leader, well equipped with financial strategies.

His strategies have aligned technological initiatives with concurrent organizational, economic goals. Also, human capital division has solidified increasing on staff retention and more recruitment opportunities as a result of his strategies.

Kevin endeavors have seen him responsible for millions of dollars in capital, private and state funds in the thirteen years he has been an executive. He has been solely responsible for the construction of educational facilities during his career.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright greatest accomplishment was the twenty million dollars real estate project. The project was able to create jobs for residents stimulating the economy. Kevin helped reduced the country budget by six hundred thousand U.S dollars in a fiscal year. His job as the Chief Finance Officer at Maryland Department of Parks and creation saw him receive an award.

He has also accomplished a lot in the education sector. Maryland school received a makeover worth six hundred million U.S dollars in the construction of new buildings and improvements to existing buildings.

His influence as the director of Collington Life Care community saw him improving the lives of five hundred of its residents.

World class magazine was the first media outlet to feature the famous finance mogul. In his interview, Kevin tells how his family shaped him to be the man he is. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He stresses on the value of good education and how eventually it has helped him be the Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. PR Newswire also featured Kevin in article labeling him as the natural choice for the furtherment of the mission of Newark CEDC.

Kevin Seawright is a respected leader, and his social media presence is overwhelming. On Twitter, he offers in-depth insight on business matters. Some of the topics he covers include; collective bargaining, change management and enhancement of recruitment efforts.

His extraordinary strategic vision has helped startup companies flourish in their administrative and financial operations.

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