Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Have Means to communicate with Family and Friends

Securus Technologies is one of the most influential enterprises in the correctional field. The company has made tremendous progress in the last three decades since the time it started in 1986. One of the major focuses of Securus Technologies has always been to innovate and provide the end users with products and services that are out of the box.



It is for this very purpose, Securus Technologies also has a technology center based in Dallas. It is completely dedicating to research and development and the introduction and invention of new technologies for the correctional sphere. The law enforcement and investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies are used by over 2,400 law enforcement agencies. It is a figure that is expected to increase exponentially in the time to come as the company plans to explore new markets beyond North America.



Securus Technologies has helped change the lives of many inmates who were looking to connect with their loved ones back home. The company understands that the sufferings of the prisoners and thus, have provided them the means to communicate with their relatives and friends. It is essential to keep their sanity, and in a way, it has also helped in decreasing the inmate on inmate crime inside the prison, Securus Technologies is not only excellent at providing world class products and services but also backs it with exemplary customer service. It is also because the company hasn’t outsourced their customer services.



Recently, Securus Technologies won the Gold Stevie Award, which is given in honor of corporate excellence, for providing customers with excellent customer services. It has helped the company to make a name for itself in the correctional industry and also win the trust of the customers as well as investors. Securus Technologies is committed to making a positive impact on the correctional technology and industry.



Putting Criminals in Jail Using Securus Technologies

When your job is getting criminals off the street and into the prison, you have to rely on a number of different resources to help in your efforts. Even though no two criminals are alike, they tend do develop patterns that allow us to bring them to justice before they can cause more trouble in the city. It isn’t that these criminals are stupid, they are quite smart, but when you are trying avoid capture you make mistakes having to stay off the radar every second of every day.


While my team can make several mistakes during the capture, the suspect makes one mistake and they are off to jail.


One of the most valuable resources my team of investigators has is the help of informants. These folks are usually hiding in the shadows because they do not need the heat that could come if the suspect knew they were turning them in. Many times this may be a family member, who risks more than their own safety if they are discovered helping the authorities. The suspect that we were hunting today didn’t have family that we knew of, and even the informants had no leads that could point us in his direction.


When I went to the local jail and discovered Securus Technologies had updated their inmate call monitoring system, I thought this could work in my favor. Seems our suspect had a habit of breaking promises he made to his inmate friends, and now on the outside he made several enemies that were left behind. One call we were able to pick up chatter concerning the plans of our suspect, and how he was going to raise money to board a bus to Austin and then take a train to the border.


As we picked up on more details, we were able to find our suspect and bring him in for several charges.