George Soros and the Tireless March for Progressive Values

The political landscape within the United States has been changing dramatically over the past couple of years. Nowadays there is a larger divide between right and left than ever before, exacerbated by the controversial election of now President Trump. President Trump’s 2016 election campaign was so divisive, in fact, that it even pulled billionaire progressive George Soros back into the fold. Soros is probably most well known for his work alongside Al Gore during the 2004 Presidential Election run against George W. Bush. Soros had ultimately decided to scale back his funding after that election campaign — until now. Now, Soros sees President Trump as a personal threat to the very tenants of democracy and progressive values.

George Soros leaped right into the election fray last year when he decided to get in and start supporting Hillary Clinton alongside a plethora of other democratic candidates. Soros would end up spending close to $25 million over the campaign season in order to push progressive values down the ballot. Ultimately Trump would end up ‘winning’ the Presidency despite losing the popular vote. Unlike his experience with Al Gore, George Soros has decided instead to double down and work tirelessly to ensure that progressive values and democratic ideals stay strong in America. Read more on

We can look back for years throughout the United States political landscape to see that George Soros has kept his hands ever so slightly in on things that matter to him. Soros personally has helped to fund networks of grassroots campaigns throughout the country thanks to his work with the Open Society Foundations. One such instance of this is when Soros helped to fund the Ferguson protests in order to shed some light on police brutality toward minority individuals. Michael Brown’s death, at the hands of Officer Wilson, was a divisive moment in our history as a nation. Without Soros’ help funding the grassroots activism, we likely never would have found out that the Ferguson police department had a routine practice of discriminating against certain races.

Kenneth Zimmerman, the director of the Open Society Foundations, said that “Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society.” Zimmerman’s words could not be truer if they came out of George Soros mouth himself. Soros and his work establishing these grassroots campaigns might just be the difference maker in elections and midterms in the coming years.

George Soros has a tried and true history of paying attention to those in needs. George Soros has personally invested millions in charities and philanthropic endeavors around the world. His tireless work toward progressive ideals and social justice has been plenty matched by his financial contributions. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

Education with a Difference- Betsy DeVos

She began her political involvement at a very young age. Betsy DeVos can well be described as a reformer. Elizabeth Prince known by many as Betsy joined Calvin College where she got involved in the college politics and remained active to date. For the longest time, she has been a great supporter of the American politics by funding campaigns as well as being the Chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan for six years. Betsy is not only involved in politics, but she is very active in the community.

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist woman, and together with her family, they founded Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Philanthropy interviewed Ms. DeVos on her political and education participation in the United States. Ms. DeVos told Philanthropy that she is glad that she has changed the view of education in the nation. In the interview, she mentioned that there are more than 250000 students in over 33 publicly funded schools and private choice programs in more than 17 States in the District of Columbia. Betsy also said that she has never been more optimistic before for seeing the expansion of the education sector and creating an opportunity for the young people to get an education. Philanthropy wanted to know why Ms. DeVos got involved in the education sector. She told the interviewer that her contribution was gradual and was born out of a passion for seeing children getting a quality education in a safe environment without their parents having to struggle. Check this article from

The idea of supporting education came when Betsy and her husband DeVos visited the Potters house Christian school. The couple got more involved when they continued visiting the educational facility and noticed how parents were sacrificing to keep their children in the facility despite their low-income. Dick and Betsy thought if they could choice a good school for their school going children, then the parents at Potters House could also do the same and this lead them to support the parents. Her serving in the national charities including American Educational Reform Council and Children First America gave her an opportunity even to support the education sector more. Her husband Dick and the late Walton began a foundation known as All Children Matter which she chaired and that what the beginning of her participation in American Federation for Children. Betsy is happy the school choice program is expanding.

Betsy DeVos is a mother and a wife who is so much involved in the education sector in America. Ms. Betsy campaigns for an education system that is founded on Christian background. She bases her foundation on Mathew 25. She was recently nominated as the school secretary in the United States. Betsy grew up in Holland and attended Holland Christian High School. Later she joined Calvin College for her Bachelors of Arts Degree. She is a devoted Christian and a church leader.

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