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Brazil has at one time been ranked as the third country with the highest number of lawyers in the world. This number of lawyers that exceeds 1 million professionals goes to show just how much Brazil is entrenched in the law business.This large number has been attributed to the large number of law schools that have made it possible for the students who seek to learn, to get access to this career path.

The statistics that have been gathered try to explain how much law and lawyers are valued show a lot about the country and its vast number of lawyers. The Numbers Don’t LieAccording to the National Council of Justice, there are 1240 law courses that are available in Brazilian Law schools. This makes it possible to study virtually every aspect of law there is to study. An approximate of 800,000 lawyers has been able to make it through the Brazilian Bar Examinations.

It is known that if all of them were to succeed in these exams, there would be more than 3 million lawyers in Brazil. As is evidenced by the statistics, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.Getting Quality. The government in Brazil knows about this problem with there being too many lawyers and the quality being too poor for comfort. That is why they are culling some of those courses to make room for the better courses that would mean better lawyer standards and qualities.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the big shots in the lawyer business in Brazil, and he has been representing corporations, Multinational companies, politicians, governments and has done some pro bono work. He holds a degree from the Universidade Presbisteriana Mackenzie and an Extension in Business Management. He is true entrepreneur having started in a small room that can barely be called an office and rising steadily with minimal help from anyone. He built a reputation for himself doing cases that went through with good outcomes. He has been then one training most of law associates that work with him at Leite Office, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. Suffice to say that he is a man who has seen court battles and is experienced as one of the biggest lawyers in Brazil.

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