Securus Technologies: Creating Secured Communities

Securus Technologies is a leading American telecommunications company that operates inside correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have a number of products including software and devices that enables communications inside the correctional facilities, and at the same time, promote security to protect the inmates, the authorities, and the communities around them. Securus Technologies recently encouraged the public to send them their comments regarding their products, and these comments were later revealed. The comments that Securus Technologies received came from letters and emails, and the company chose the best comments to be published.


One of those letters came from a prison authority, stating that the advanced technology which Securus Technologies provides helped them track down criminals. Those who are using the phone service from Securus Technologies can be easily tracked thanks to the embedded tracking technology that can be monitored with the help of GPS. There is also a recording option which captured the voice and the conversation of those involved, making it easier for them to be arrested. The prison authority also expounded how the devices from Securus Technologies helped them stop the flow of illegal items coming into the facility, including illegal drugs and deadly weapons. They also added that it is now easier to organize the inmates because of the software that Securus Technologies developed.


Some letters came from those living in communities situated near correctional facilities. The concerned public stated that they do not need to worry about prison escapes because of the extreme security measures that Securus Technologies provide. They also stated that the company is has been doing a great job in preserving peace and order inside the correctional facility, and they wanted Securus Technologies to develop more inventions in the future that would protect the people, the prison authorities, and even the inmates living inside the jail.


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  1. Catalina Lane says:

    Well done work Securus technology. But there is an area where this seems not to be active. For there are some that will totally off their GPS making tough to get along or to track. In one of the review it was highlighted that this will be addressed. But till now, this is another problem. Also, the issues of network by the service providers is a big challenge to this innovation.

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