Elysium Health Seeks to Adapt Aging Research to Nutritional Supplements

Elysium Health, the new startup founded by one of the world’s leading aging researchers, has recently announced that its first product, a nutritional supplement called Basis, has hit the market. The company, founded by MIT scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente, is, perhaps, the first supplement company in the world staffed almost entirely by leading scientists in their respective fields.

Harnessing life’s fundamental building blocks

Basis, the company’s first effort to bring to market a product that harnesses the amazing achievements of aging research of the last 20 years, makes use of a little-known molecule—at least, little-known to the general public. One of the reasons that Guarente decided to found his own nutritional supplement company is the huge gap between public knowledge regarding the aging process and the actual state of science.

Basis, Elysium‘s first product, makes use of one area of aging research that has long been known to specialists in the field. The molecule NAD+ is a fundamental building block in biological processes. It enables cellular respiration, one of the most basic reactions that give living organisms both energy and the ability to use and store it. NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is known to decline with age, presenting an opportunity to support health by increasing NAD+ levels.

Basis uses these principles to formulate a supplement that supplies users’ bodies with effective precursors to NAD+ synthesis. Containing both nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, a potent NAD+ precursor and a polyphenol, Basis allows the body to synthesize higher levels of NAD+ on its own, supporting cellular health and overall vitality. The supplement is available on Elysium’s website.

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