Why Is Malcolm Casselle So Special And Different

America is known for some of the best entrepreneurs who have created history of sorts. The list is quite big and it would not be wrong if we also included the name of Malcolm CasSelle in this list. He is often considered as a new age entrepreneur. This is because of the keen interest he is showing on bitcoin technology. Though there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this technology, with purists being against, its growth story has been stunning to say the least. Hence, those who are willing to looking beyond the obvious like CasSelle are ready to take tokenized bitcoin technology to the next higher level. Towards this objective, he is working hard and today is the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). If you are a gaming enthusiast and would like to tokenize the same, it would be better to know more about it. This is because it offers a decentralized platform apart from reducing transaction cost.

Some Information About Malcolm Casselle

CasSelle is a highly successful entrepreneur and he also is extremely well qualified. After completing his high school he graduated in Computer Engineering from MIT. He also did his Masters’ degree from Stanford University. After his Master’s he worked initially worked for some reputed houses like Facebook before climbing up the professional ladder.

He was the co founder of CTO of NetNoir and from there he moved step by step having worked in various other reputed and prestigious organizations. These included working as CTO of a new venture by the name Tronc, which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Finally his interest in bitcoin technology has made him the President of WAX or Worldwide Asset Exchange. He has been there since early 2017 and is working very hard to give a new direction to the tokenized of bitcoin technology. He is of Japanese origin and can speak mandarin and also Japanese language.

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