Rick Smith and the Changing Prison Technology Industry

The incarceration industry was considered as a sector that needed a wakeup call for long. The industry was found to be reluctant to add technology innovation to its shoulders and was slowly moving to be an inefficient industry a few decades back. Today, the situation is different, and a passion for technology innovation and deep vision is visible across the industry. It is because of Rick Smith and his prison technology company Securus Technologies. As the Chief Executive of Securus, Smith revamped the company and gave direction and vision for growth, based on technology innovation and customer-oriented service. It forced other players also to follow the footsteps of the pioneer in the industry – a transformation of the industry is the result. Read more on Crunchbase.com

Interestingly, Rick was heavily weighing on technology and spent more than $600 million on patents, researches, collaborations, and acquisitions. Acquisition of JPay, a leading technology provider in prison technology industry, in 2015 was considered as a highlighted transaction under the leadership of Rick. JPay was the leader in entertainment and educational apps for inmates, electronic payments, and email for the correction space. It also had a significant presence in nearly 33 state prison systems. Rick confirmed that the acquisition helped Securus to make a significant presence in all the major verticals of prison technology that are receiving rapid growth: inmate tablets, email, and payments. He added that the transaction helped Securus to deliver virtually anything related to technology or software to the correction agencies to run a modern-technology-enabled prison.

Smith also said that he and Securus were watching the envious success of JPay and its innovation efforts in the industry, and time has reached to combine the services and teams of both the players. Also, he added that the correction agencies, inmates, and enforcement units now have a clear choice of best products with the highest security and competitive price in the market. Rick Smith recently communicated that the firm is on a mission to make the most modern technology solutions accessible to correction agencies and enforcement units. Due to that, Rick Smith Securus sends proposals of latest technology development solutions for enforcement and correction divisions on a regular basis – at least once in a week.

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Rick Smith continued that Securus receives thousands of appreciation emails from its correction and enforcement customers as the products of Securus helped them to execute the enforcement and correction services hassle-free and efficient. A majority of those letters also mention how the products of Securus helped them significantly in the justice and incarceration services. Rick Smith affirms that the company has put protecting and serving the community as the top priority by adding safety into the DNA of the company. Rick Smith has more than three decades of experience in telecommunication and prison technology industries. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

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