Dr. Scott Rocklage Comments on Entrepreneurship and Trends in the Healthcare Management Sector

Dr. Scott Rocklage, a partner at 5 AM Ventures since 2003, is a top professional in the healthcare management sector. He is now among the firm’s managing partners and has a great performance track record since 2004. It is while in that position that he led 5 AM in getting three US New Drug Applications pass the test and get approval from the FDA. Scot was under Richard R. Schrock when he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has in the last three decades held senior portfolios at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar, in both companies as president and CEO. Ideamensch posed some questions to the chemistry and business maestro in an interview that was later published on the 4th of April this year.



The Interview



During the interview, Scott Rocklage highlighted three main areas that he focuses on at work- research, management, and board meetings. He said that scientific studies eat up a huge chunk of his time, particularly because he leads a team of early-stage science researchers. His meetings are mostly between executives in the science industry, physicians, and entrepreneurial scientists. As a science-based venture capital firm, 5 AM Ventures largely involves itself in with incubating and improving on ideas that eventually lead to medical inventions. Scott told Ideamensch that he nurtures his ideas by engaging other professionals in the science industry.


Finding solutions to unmet medical needs is one trend that excites Scott Rocklage. The fact that there are notable strides that are already made in the fight against cancer is, in particular, an exciting thing for Scott who feels that his role as a scientist now is to build on the already existing data to come up with more convenient and effective therapies.




Becoming an Entrepreneur



Scott had a message for upcoming entrepreneurs. For him, it is better for one to work in a small company that he owns rather than in a big company under employment terms. While at it, he encouraged upcoming entrepreneurs to be ready to take risks and take charge of their future and that of their businesses. Selecting a team that one works with is also vital right from the start of any business.


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