Fagali’I Airport Provides Takeoff and Landing Options to Apia, Samoa

When it comes to flexible taking off and landing, no airport in Samoa provides the services of Fagali’I Airport. Currently, they are allowing airlines such as Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, and the South Pacific Island Airways.

According to Facebook, customers who are looking at traveling around the four poles of the globe can bet on Fagali’I Airport to link them to their preferred destinations via Samoa. They have flights linkage to Ecuador, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Ontario. Having met the international standards pertaining to airport infrastructure, Fagali’I Airport is growing to become one of the leading local airports.

What Makes the Fagali’I Airport Special?

There are so many reasons why the Fagali’I Airport is Samoa’s pride. To begin with, the airport provides a takeoff and landing spot to a majority of airlines. Airlines like the Samoa Air and Talofa Airways hugely depend on the airport for its flight linkage. Secondly, the Airport is strategically located in the heart of Samoa. It’s surrounded and supplied with top class hotels where customers can take a rest as they wait for their flight. These hotels are also supplied with great recreational facilities to make your stay in Samoa memorable. Some of the major hotels neighboring Fagali’I Airport include Talofa Inn, Amanaki Hotel, Su Accommodation, and the Travelers Point Hotel.

The airport hotels guarantee quality resting and you get to forget your worries. Furthermore, the airport is known to coordinate cheaper flights to its customers. In this case, customers coming to and getting out of Samoa can enjoy affordable flights. They can visit major cities in Samoa such as Apia and get to enjoy the beauty of the Island. There is so much that you can enjoy under the influence of Fagali’I Airport. Lastly, the airport provides the customers with flexible travel schedules. Basically, customers can easily get details of the available flights and details pertaining to arrival and departure.


After reopening its major flight operations in 2009, Fagali’I Airport has managed to re-establish its reputation as a dependable and flexible airport according to tripadvisor.com.br. With international flight available to Pago, Samoa, the Fagali’I Airport is considering increasing its international market and provides direct flights to major cities in the world.

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