Securus Technologies Committed to Making Prisons Safer

When I show up to the state jail and start my day as a prison guard, I know that things can get dangerous in the blink of an eye. If I am not on my game, these inmates will take full advantage in an effort to lash out or impress other inmates. Me and my team of officers are seriously outnumbered in the jail, and as crowded conditions only get worse each month, so does the chance for violent outbreaks. This is the reason that we recently reached out to Securus Technologies to try and help us maintain a degree of order in our facility.


Securus Technologies has over one thousand committed employees to one objective, making sure the world is a little safer for us all. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, told our team that Securus Technologies has over 2,600 of their inmate call monitoring systems already in jails around the country, and today we were going to join that list.


The way that the call monitoring system from Securus Technologies works is very unique. In the past we would have to station a number of guards in a call center room to manually listen to when the inmates were talking on the jail phones. Those days are over as the LBS software now monitors all the calls from all the inmates at the same time. If chatter concerning any type of contraband has been detected, officers get instant alerts.


Since the system was installed, it only took hours before we started getting alerts about potential trouble. One call alert was concerning an inmate who hid a weapon in the yard, another inmate asked his sister to sneak him drugs to the visitor center, and other caller was discussing how he was asked to hurt a rival gang member at the yard this weekend.


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