Fabletics VIP Subscriptions Continue to Expand

Fabletics takes advantage of showrooming by placing any items you’re interested in into your shopping cart online. This is opposite from typical showrooming, which allows the customer to shop around your store and then purchase the item for less elsewhere. The popular athleisure brand continues to swallow up a large portion of the market share for gear that you can take from the gym to the street. Many reviews feel that the quality is far above their expectations. The quality of materials rivals Lululemon. The leggings are very thick so you don’t have to worry about transparency.


The materials used by Fabletics hold shape very well over time and don’t fade. The tops with the back cut out have a huge appeal. To ensure that you achieve the look you were aiming for, make sure that there is a built-in shelf bra. The styles are fun, bold, and just as valuable as more expensive brands. Some sizes and colors get sold out quite quickly, which may be the only disadvantage to the user experience. It’s possible that if you don’t get your size exactly right, you may need to exchange for a different size.


You’re not obligated to place an order and pay every month. You always have the option to skip the month and pay nothing. However, when you skip a month, you still retain your membership. You have to choose to skip the month between the 1st and the 5th.


Fabletics has found a great deal of success using the reverse showroom technique. Customers continue to feel that getting an entire workout outfit in two or three pieces for only $25 is a great deal. You always get a deep discount on your first purchase.


The reason why you want a VIP membership is because the outfits will run you roughly $100 without the discount. Plus, with the VIP membership, you’ll never pay for shipping. If you decide you want to cancel your membership, be prepared to receive offers to convince you to stay. Everyone seems to be a big fan of the cutout tees and the intricately designed tops.




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