Justice League And The DC Universe On Netflix


Fans of DC comics should look to Netflix to get their fill of superhero action. The online streaming company has three great DC animated series available for fans, newbies, or those who just love animated comic series in general. The highlighted series for this article are Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice.

All three series focus on the historical activities of the DC Justice League of America. Each has it’s own unique focus and niche group that will probably enjoy it, but all are winners for the Netflix anime audiences.

Justice League is the teaming up of Batman and Superman universes, so that it includes a wide cast of comic heroes and villains. Some of the best stories from DC comics come into one heroic banner during the course of this series.

Justice League Unlimited expands on the original series, but explores more deeply into the personal worlds of over 50 DC comic characters. Also greater emphasis is put on other important DC comic landscapes, including the Flash and Green Arrow. Much territory is covered in this epic series spinoff.

Young Justice is focused on the younger generation of sidekicks that embody the DC universe. Fans of Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Miss Martian will not be disappointed. This series also follows how the new generation of heroes proves their worth in the greater DC comic universe. It is a specialized series spinoff that is not to be missed, especially by those die hard fans and followers.

Netflix has many other offerings for comic connoisseurs, but these three animated choices are classic and entertaining. Take some time to binge watch the lot of them this season.

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