Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is an Awesome Place

One of the most famous entrepreneurs of Brazil is Roberto Santiago. He amazed everyone by introducing a new concept of shopping malls. He built Manaira Shopping in Joao Pessoa which has become very popular among both residents and tourists. Roberto Santiago is a native of Joao Pessoa where he was born on July 16, 1958. He attended the Pio X-Marist College for his early education. Later, he went to study business administration at University Center for Joao Pessoa. Today, he has a reputation for being a brilliant entrepreneur who built an amazing shopping mall in the heart of the city. Decades ago, Roberto Santiago began his professional career by joining Café Santa Rosa. The company is famous for using innovative techniques for manufacturing decoration and utilization products. Santiago learned to run a successful business and make money by working in various companies. He loves sports, and he won many trophies in motocross and kart championships.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is considered the biggest shopping mall in the city of Joao Pessoa. The mall is popular with various features including its very friendly atmosphere. It offers everything for different types of people which include comfort, fun, and leisure. Joao Pessoa is a city that is popular around the world for rich cuisines, beautiful beaches, and amazing sunset. Roberto Santiago thought constructing a unique shopping mall would make his native city even more famous. Whenever people visit this place, they find both fun and entertainment here. It is a wonderful place for families to visit. They can enjoy various activities here that include movie theaters, ballroom, electronic amusement park, and bowling alleys. A great attraction at Manaira Shopping Mall is its cinema that has more than ten rooms. Each room is equipped with advanced equipment. The rooms of the cinema are divided into two categories: VIP rooms and 3D rooms. Santiago built the seating arrangement of the cinema on the pattern of a stadium. There is a bar nearby from where people can buy gourmet popcorn, candy, and drinks. Read more on

Roberto Santiago gave the name of “Game Station” to the electronic amusement park of Manaira Shopping Mall. The area of the park is eighteen hundred square meters, and it has two-hundred gaming machines. A very popular section of the shopping mall is “Gourmet Space.” One can enjoy different types of cuisines here including steakhouse and hamburger. That’s not all; for food lovers, there is food court which offers a wide range of mouthwatering cuisines. The biggest concert hall of the city is also located in Manaira Shopping Mall, and it is called “The Domus Hall.” It is known for its fully air-conditioned amazing structure. The newest acoustic equipment is installed in this hall where thousands of people can easily fit in. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

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