Dr. Scott Rocklage Comments on Entrepreneurship and Trends in the Healthcare Management Sector

Dr. Scott Rocklage, a partner at 5 AM Ventures since 2003, is a top professional in the healthcare management sector. He is now among the firm’s managing partners and has a great performance track record since 2004. It is while in that position that he led 5 AM in getting three US New Drug Applications pass the test and get approval from the FDA. Scot was under Richard R. Schrock when he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has in the last three decades held senior portfolios at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar, in both companies as president and CEO. Ideamensch posed some questions to the chemistry and business maestro in an interview that was later published on the 4th of April this year.



The Interview



During the interview, Scott Rocklage highlighted three main areas that he focuses on at work- research, management, and board meetings. He said that scientific studies eat up a huge chunk of his time, particularly because he leads a team of early-stage science researchers. His meetings are mostly between executives in the science industry, physicians, and entrepreneurial scientists. As a science-based venture capital firm, 5 AM Ventures largely involves itself in with incubating and improving on ideas that eventually lead to medical inventions. Scott told Ideamensch that he nurtures his ideas by engaging other professionals in the science industry.


Finding solutions to unmet medical needs is one trend that excites Scott Rocklage. The fact that there are notable strides that are already made in the fight against cancer is, in particular, an exciting thing for Scott who feels that his role as a scientist now is to build on the already existing data to come up with more convenient and effective therapies.




Becoming an Entrepreneur



Scott had a message for upcoming entrepreneurs. For him, it is better for one to work in a small company that he owns rather than in a big company under employment terms. While at it, he encouraged upcoming entrepreneurs to be ready to take risks and take charge of their future and that of their businesses. Selecting a team that one works with is also vital right from the start of any business.


Connect with Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

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How “In The Sphere of Silence” Can Improve Your Life

Vijay Eswaran is the chief executive officer of Qi Group. His company, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a large conglomerate that engages in a number of business opportunities. He is also an author whose first book was, “In the Sphere of Silence”.

It is a management book that can help people succeed in business and life in general. The major point that Vijay Eswaran makes in the book is that everyone should set aside an hour each day for quiet introspection. Doing so will help people sharpen their minds and gain new perspectives. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Most of us are surrounded by sounds throughout the entire day. Many people seem to have grown uncomfortable with what’s going on in their own minds and drown it out with the constant presence of noise. Vijay Eswaran says this is a mistake and quietly listening to your own thoughts is a very important part of life.

In addition to describing the importance of an hour of quiet each day, Vijay Eswaran also talks about other subjects in “In the Sphere of Silence”. This includes really listening to other people, making sure that you don’t speak until you’ve thought about what you’re going to say, and making and following up on to-do lists each day.

In the book he provides quotes from famous historical people whose wisdom can still be used today. This includes the Prophet Mohammed, Aristotle, Mother Theresa, and Keats among others.

Vijay Eswaran breaks up how he does his hour of silence in his book into steps. The first step is to think about what you did the day before.

This includes how he could have taken actions in a better way and, importantly, why he didn’t do so. In the second step he writes down his agenda for the day, and in the third part writes down his goals for the next week, month, and then next five years.

Step four for the hour of quiet includes reading for 15 minutes, including spending the last five minutes writing about what you just learned. Finally, the last step is to communicate with your God in whichever way you do so.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Living a Life of Purpose: Breaking Away From the Mental Shackles

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Fagali’I Airport Provides Takeoff and Landing Options to Apia, Samoa

When it comes to flexible taking off and landing, no airport in Samoa provides the services of Fagali’I Airport. Currently, they are allowing airlines such as Polynesian Airlines, Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, and the South Pacific Island Airways.

According to Facebook, customers who are looking at traveling around the four poles of the globe can bet on Fagali’I Airport to link them to their preferred destinations via Samoa. They have flights linkage to Ecuador, Manchester, Amsterdam, and Ontario. Having met the international standards pertaining to airport infrastructure, Fagali’I Airport is growing to become one of the leading local airports.

What Makes the Fagali’I Airport Special?

There are so many reasons why the Fagali’I Airport is Samoa’s pride. To begin with, the airport provides a takeoff and landing spot to a majority of airlines. Airlines like the Samoa Air and Talofa Airways hugely depend on the airport for its flight linkage. Secondly, the Airport is strategically located in the heart of Samoa. It’s surrounded and supplied with top class hotels where customers can take a rest as they wait for their flight. These hotels are also supplied with great recreational facilities to make your stay in Samoa memorable. Some of the major hotels neighboring Fagali’I Airport include Talofa Inn, Amanaki Hotel, Su Accommodation, and the Travelers Point Hotel.

The airport hotels guarantee quality resting and you get to forget your worries. Furthermore, the airport is known to coordinate cheaper flights to its customers. In this case, customers coming to and getting out of Samoa can enjoy affordable flights. They can visit major cities in Samoa such as Apia and get to enjoy the beauty of the Island. There is so much that you can enjoy under the influence of Fagali’I Airport. Lastly, the airport provides the customers with flexible travel schedules. Basically, customers can easily get details of the available flights and details pertaining to arrival and departure.


After reopening its major flight operations in 2009, Fagali’I Airport has managed to re-establish its reputation as a dependable and flexible airport according to tripadvisor.com.br. With international flight available to Pago, Samoa, the Fagali’I Airport is considering increasing its international market and provides direct flights to major cities in the world.

Search more about Fagali’I Airport: http://www.dohop.com/travel-guide/airports/FGI/Fagali’I Airport

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Securus Technologies Committed to Making Prisons Safer

When I show up to the state jail and start my day as a prison guard, I know that things can get dangerous in the blink of an eye. If I am not on my game, these inmates will take full advantage in an effort to lash out or impress other inmates. Me and my team of officers are seriously outnumbered in the jail, and as crowded conditions only get worse each month, so does the chance for violent outbreaks. This is the reason that we recently reached out to Securus Technologies to try and help us maintain a degree of order in our facility.


Securus Technologies has over one thousand committed employees to one objective, making sure the world is a little safer for us all. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, told our team that Securus Technologies has over 2,600 of their inmate call monitoring systems already in jails around the country, and today we were going to join that list.


The way that the call monitoring system from Securus Technologies works is very unique. In the past we would have to station a number of guards in a call center room to manually listen to when the inmates were talking on the jail phones. Those days are over as the LBS software now monitors all the calls from all the inmates at the same time. If chatter concerning any type of contraband has been detected, officers get instant alerts.


Since the system was installed, it only took hours before we started getting alerts about potential trouble. One call alert was concerning an inmate who hid a weapon in the yard, another inmate asked his sister to sneak him drugs to the visitor center, and other caller was discussing how he was asked to hurt a rival gang member at the yard this weekend.


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The Success Strategies of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is presently known for being the founder of different companies. He is the PodcastOne’s Founder as well as the Executive Chairman.

It is worth acknowledging the celebration of Norman Pattiz’s hits as well as the key to the way to his use of media to get money. This is per the details of the Forbes magazine.

Notably, the experience that Norman Pattiz has exceeds forty years in connection with radio syndication. Additionally, he is the individual behind the formation of Westwood One. It is as a result of his leadership that emerged the leading the best in the United States alongside the provision of services such as entertainment, traffic programming, talks and sports and news.

Notably, it is important tracing the source of the PodcastOne’s idea. According to Norman, he gained an introduction to Kit Gray who did a representation of the rest of the forecasts. Norman had just left Westwood One. Kit Gray used to carry out the representations outside his apartment situated in Marina Del Rey. It is through it that he realized that it was just an implication of the digital world’s Westwood One. From then onwards, they began working together and has been a significant success for the last four years.

Additionally, Norman Pattiz does not consider any day a typical one. The fact that he considers the company not to be very large yet makes him take part in almost every duty that takes place. They include technology, talent acquisition as well as ad sales. In addition to his engagement, the assistant often gives information to ensure that he is up to date.

In consideration of the way that Norman utilizes in bringing ideas to reality, the execution is a critical section. Norman often listens to the great ideas from time to time. It is after this that the assessment is done on the implementation.

Norman Pattiz is unique as he says that he has never had a bad job and that he would do nothing differently.

According to the entrepreneurial recommendation by Norman Pattiz, it is important to have the knowledge of the business progresses as well as the participating players. However, he acknowledges the fact that it can be challenging getting the necessary information. This is because the trades have turned digital.

The heroes, as well as role models to Norman Pattiz, include Dan Miller, Steve Ross, and Bill Paley. Despite the fact that they have all passed, he acknowledges that he acquired irreplaceable.

Norman Pattiz is, therefore, a role model for the young as he is a good character. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/norman-pattiz/


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How Joe Arpaio Ended Up Funding Immigrant Rights

There is a common adage that the pen is mightier than the sword. It would seem that the pen is also mightier than the self-styled “toughest sheriff in America,” Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

For years before the night of October 18, 2007, journalists Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, founders of the Phoenix New Times, have chronicled the illegal and often outrageous exploits of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his “Selective Enforcement Unit (SEU).

While the mainstream media often portrayed Arpaio as a colorful, if somewhat eccentric character, Lacey and Larkin, through the Phoenix New Times, painted a much more sinister picture. A picture of racial profiling, fiscal mismanagement, and rampant persecution of anyone perceived as an enemy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). A picture of substandard lockups resulting in the injuries, illnesses, and even deaths of detainees.

But on that fateful night, the MCSO finally struck back. Deputies went to the homes of Lacey and Larkin, handcuffed them, placed them in unmarked SUVs, and took them to jail.

Technically, Lacey and Larkin were arrested for revealing the existence of grand jury subpoenas ordering them to turn over details about their employees and anyone who went online and read their articles about the MCSO. They were also accused of placing Sheriff Arpaio in danger by publishing his home address, both in print and on the New Time website.

Less than 24 hours later, Lacey and Larkin were free and all charges were dropped. No hard feelings. Except that Lacey and Larkin had hard feelings, a lot of them.

They filed suit against the MCSO for, among other things, false arrest. This strange case wound its way through the legal system until it ended up in the Federal Ninth Circuit Court. Judge Jay S. Bybee, writing for the majority, said that “… Arpaio was demanding that charges be filed and that if no charges were filed, there would be ‘problems’ between the MSCO and the Maricopa County Attorneys’ Office MCAO.” The court also noted that “…numerous public documents contained Arpaio’s personal information” and noting that “Arpaio had waited ten months to request a prosecution… .”

The court further ruled that the “grand jury subpoenas” concerning Lacey, Larken, and the New Times were illegal and stated that “It is hard to conceive of a more direct assault on the First Amendment than public officials ordering the immediate arrests of their critics.”

Maricopa County officials finally decided to reach a settlement with Lacey and Larkin for $3.7 million. Among other things, the money was used to set up the Fortera Fund, which dispersed it to a variety of immigrant rights organizations.

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Securus Technologies – Ensuring Inmates Have Means to communicate with Family and Friends

Securus Technologies is one of the most influential enterprises in the correctional field. The company has made tremendous progress in the last three decades since the time it started in 1986. One of the major focuses of Securus Technologies has always been to innovate and provide the end users with products and services that are out of the box.



It is for this very purpose, Securus Technologies also has a technology center based in Dallas. It is completely dedicating to research and development and the introduction and invention of new technologies for the correctional sphere. The law enforcement and investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies are used by over 2,400 law enforcement agencies. It is a figure that is expected to increase exponentially in the time to come as the company plans to explore new markets beyond North America.



Securus Technologies has helped change the lives of many inmates who were looking to connect with their loved ones back home. The company understands that the sufferings of the prisoners and thus, have provided them the means to communicate with their relatives and friends. It is essential to keep their sanity, and in a way, it has also helped in decreasing the inmate on inmate crime inside the prison, Securus Technologies is not only excellent at providing world class products and services but also backs it with exemplary customer service. It is also because the company hasn’t outsourced their customer services.



Recently, Securus Technologies won the Gold Stevie Award, which is given in honor of corporate excellence, for providing customers with excellent customer services. It has helped the company to make a name for itself in the correctional industry and also win the trust of the customers as well as investors. Securus Technologies is committed to making a positive impact on the correctional technology and industry.



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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Taking Bradesco On The Path To Success

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is committed to the growth of Bradesco. By 2011, he wants to open up 211 branches.

He is a highly influential executive in Brazil as he is able to make a difference in its economy. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the President of the institution, Bradesco. He is a professional who knows all about the credit operations. Besides, he is behind some of the biggest financial projects that are going on in the country. Due to the position he holds, the opinions and views of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi are heard and followed by the business as well as political leaders of Brazil. Hence he is prominently featured in magazines as well as newspapers. Bradesco is the second largest private bank in Brazil. It is placed just behind Itaú-Unibanco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is 57 years old. He is known as Trabuco to all. He is going to replace Márcio Cypriano, who is leaving the position at Bradesco since their policy does not allow presidents who are aged over 65. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has an outstanding record. Under his tenure in the past ten years, the market value of Bradesco has moved from US $ 5 billion and reached US $ 30 billion.

In the 65 year history of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be their fourth President. The first one was Amador Aguiar, who was also the founder of the bank. Next was Lázaro Brandão who is currently the chairman of this board. He had nominated Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as well as Cypriano.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be taking charge of his office in early March. He identifies strongly with the culture of Bradesco. He has 40 years of experience. Besides, he has experience in strategic areas that include private pension as well as marketing. He was promoted to the post of vice president when he was just 47 years old.

He was noticed when he was serving as the head of Bradesco Seguros. During his tenure, the market share of Bradesco Seguros went up from 23% to 25% in case of total premiums. Besides, the contribution of the insurer to the bank profits went up from 26% to 35%.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Marília. He has done his graduation in philosophy. This was from the University of São Paulo. Hence he is perfectly suited for this position.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.tostoadv.com/bradesco-quer-mudar-regra-para-trabuco-ficar-no-cargo/

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Madison Street Capital- Offering Top-notch Financial Services Globally

Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital is a renowned Chicago firm that provides excellent financial advice to businesses locally and internationally. It not only assists businesses to gain access to credit but also to make wise investment choices, navigate complex business transactions, as well as offering valuation and merger consulting solutions to firms. MSC has assisted many well-known businesses to make financial decisions. For instance, in 2014, it helped Vital Care Industries that has been in business since 1984 to choose an appropriate lender and obtain a commercial loan. Recently early this year, it assisted DCG Software Value to merge with The Spitfire Group. Other clients served by MSC include ARES Security Corporation, WLR Automotive Group, and Maintenance Systems Management.



Awards and Recognition


Anthony Marsala, co-founder and serving as the Chief Operating Officer of MSC was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for the 40 Under Forty Awards in 2015. This award acknowledges relatively young leaders with remarkable achievements in the business sector such as conducting successful mergers and valuations. Marsala, who has more than fourteen years experience in the financial sector, was selected due to his excellent stewardship of MSC.


Finance professionals and experts have recognized Madison Street Capital for its excellent works. MSC was named an M&A Advisor Awards finalist in 2016, nominated as the top boutique investment banking company, and was selected as a finalist for facilitating the best industrial merger that was valued at less than $100 million. In January 2017, MSC won a Turnaround Award for its role in the finest restructuring transaction in 2016.


Philanthropic Works

Madison Street Capital has a culture of giving back to the society. These charitable activities have significantly enhanced the reputation of MSC. In 2011, MSC donated funds after the harsh weather that caused extensive damage in Eastern and Midwestern US. Madison also supports highly regarded non-profits such as the American Red Cross and the United Way. It instills the spirit of giving back to the society as evidenced on its website that encourages site visitors to support the community.


Madison Street Capital reputation is a combination of the above successors that are attributed to its team of accomplished experts who offer the desired services to the company’s clients. These employees are keen on details, and this is an attribute that has enabled the company to retain existing customers as well as attract desirable ones every year. The A+ rating that Madison Street Capital enjoys at the Better Business Bureau is an indication that MSC is a reputable organization.


To learn more, read http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/.

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Putting Criminals in Jail Using Securus Technologies

When your job is getting criminals off the street and into the prison, you have to rely on a number of different resources to help in your efforts. Even though no two criminals are alike, they tend do develop patterns that allow us to bring them to justice before they can cause more trouble in the city. It isn’t that these criminals are stupid, they are quite smart, but when you are trying avoid capture you make mistakes having to stay off the radar every second of every day.


While my team can make several mistakes during the capture, the suspect makes one mistake and they are off to jail.


One of the most valuable resources my team of investigators has is the help of informants. These folks are usually hiding in the shadows because they do not need the heat that could come if the suspect knew they were turning them in. Many times this may be a family member, who risks more than their own safety if they are discovered helping the authorities. The suspect that we were hunting today didn’t have family that we knew of, and even the informants had no leads that could point us in his direction.


When I went to the local jail and discovered Securus Technologies had updated their inmate call monitoring system, I thought this could work in my favor. Seems our suspect had a habit of breaking promises he made to his inmate friends, and now on the outside he made several enemies that were left behind. One call we were able to pick up chatter concerning the plans of our suspect, and how he was going to raise money to board a bus to Austin and then take a train to the border.


As we picked up on more details, we were able to find our suspect and bring him in for several charges.


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